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It started simply enough.  My mom brought a Sephora bag to my house of barely-opened skincare products she had bought but could no longer use.  In the span of a night I had a whole new beauty regimen to experiment with, something I hadn't been able to afford myself (monetarily or emotionally) for quite some time.

It was possibly the best home-facial ever.

And an idea stuck in my head like a little seed  -- I want to like what I see in the mirror.  Slowly, face-washing after face-washing as I watched my skin not only clear up, but start to glow, I knew I needed a change. I needed to take hold of myself and treat myself better.  I needed to not be intimidated by pregnancy weight gain or stretch marks or clothes that will probably never fit again.

What I needed was to learn to take care of myself, for myself, so that maybe one day, I might actually like myself.  And if not for me, I needed to do it for the then-unborn daughter growing in my belly.

And #backtotabulous was born.

The verbiage is a play on my ... alias? ... here -- but the point of it is to get back to a me I recognize, a me I feel comfortable with, a me that I'm happy with and that makes me happy to be just that -- me.

For those of you who know me, this is epic.  I'm about at bleak and pessimistic as they come, especially when it came to my self-image.  I'm not nice to myself.  I have a lot of self-hatred.  I've taken every horrible route to try and fill the void I carry with me and my body, mind, and heart are all worse for the wear.  But I can't keep up with it anymore.  I need to be nicer to myself because damnit, I deserve some kindness and love.

And so do you.

The concept is simple -- do something good for yourself every day.  The goals are whatever you need them to be -- from taking a shower to making a healthy meal to fitting in that workout to re-drywalling a room to whatever -- it's just about doing something positive with yourself you feel good about.  No pressure.  It's about setting attainable goals -- not setting the bar too high or two low; and it's about being gentle with yourself in setting and accomplishing those goals.

If you join in this little campaign, your only obligation is to be positive to the other participants.  Show encouragement for whatever task is accomplished, no matter how seemingly insignificant to you.  What's no big deal to you could be monumental to someone else, so encourage that, and each other.  This is a positive place for people who generally lean towards the negative, especially when it comes to self-esteem, to work on letting some joy and light into their lives.

And hopefully becoming smokin' hot in the process, because who doesn't want to be beautiful on the outside AND the inside?

So grab the badge for your blog, use the hashtag when you tweet, and let's start taking care of ourselves -- because no one else deserves it more than we do.