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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Kung Fu Panda 1+2 Re-Releases Save The Day!

I received the product reviewed below for free (minus the Blu-Ray), but all opinions contained are my own.

It was a whirlwind when a copy each of Kung Fu Panda and Kung Fu Panda 2 arrived at my home. My grandfather had just passed, his funeral was impending -- and unbeknownst to me at the time, right after that funeral I would become terrifyingly ill, it appears, thanks to listeria-laced salad mix.

Seriously. A salad tried to kill me. It came too close for comfort.

Anyway, So I wasn't able to be there when my kids discovered the newly re-released Blu-Ray + DVD + Digital Copy boxes of Jack Black-laced awesomeness, as I was burying my grandfather and then in bed with a 103.5 degree fever, then the emergency room, then on bedrest for four days.

I do know that my son excitedly told me about the panda movies, and my daughter would ask "But where's Number Three?" because somehow, they always know, don't they? (It was probably the brand new animated short, The Secret of The Scroll, which is a teaser for the third movie, included on these re-releases.)

What I really like about this combo is the digital copy addition -- I can download it and have it at the ready on my phone or iPad for those times, say, like this week when the kids have an early dismissal and, as they are everyday, will be dropped off at my work -- but instead of just 30 minutes before closing, it'll be two and a half hours they're stuck in a cubicle with me.

It's also been great to have new, yet familiar stories to watch as a family while they've been recovering from upper respiratory issues -- basically 2016 has been a peach for us, if you haven't been able to tell. I'm three weeks out from my birthday and am yet to have a weekend where someone hasn't been sick or dying since New Year's Day. They learn the lessons I'm always trying to reinforce -- to be true to yourself, that you are capable of anything you put your mind to, that family is what you make of it -- in a new way, thanks to a bevy of relatable and lovable characters.

And when we're all on the mend *FINGERS CROSSED* I fully plan on taking them to see Kung Fu Panda 3 in the theatres ... so of course a preliminary viewing of the first two movies will need to happen. It'll be a whole event.

Thanks to Dreamworks for yet again helping me spread joy in the lives of my children, especially while we've been dealing with Really Hard Things on top of the already present slow discord that is divorce.