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Monday, February 2, 2015

Music & Miscellany Monday: Black Sun.

All I have to say about this is that this song strongly suggests that the impending album is what any Death Cab/Postal Service/emo punk kid could have dreamed for in the post Ben Gibbard/ Zooey Deschanel break up.

Also, just yes. Yes.

This past weekend was stupid. Kiedis' bus got into an accident (he's fine); Tova lost her only pair of gloves and then broke my only charger cord to my phone; my parked car was backed into in front of my house and the jerks just cut and run and now, because it's old and not in the best condition it may be totaled by insurance; and the icing on the cake is the revelation from a much trusted and reputable source that the weakness and smallness and lack of humanity of some specific people can be truly astounding. At least that's just being put on further display to be clearly seen, since I'm not responsible for shielding it anymore.

And that's all I have to say about that. Mercury, get your ass moving forward again so shit can get back to normal, please and thank you.

And now I have 25 days left of 30. My birthday is the last Friday in February and I don't know if I'm going to try and plan anything or not. I'd like to do something of substance for others, and I know I need to get on that shortly if I'd like to make any impact at all -- but I also have a certain almost-six-year-old's birthday to plan, once he can tie down what kind of even he'd like. Right now it's a Ninja Turtles-Avengers-Dragons-Star Wars-Turbo party. And I don't want to do it at the house again because too small and not a lot of time to clean and just, yeah. So who knows, 31 might just quietly come and go without much fanfare. :/ It is what it is.


That's it for today.

Oh, other than this.

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Because laughter is the best medicine, right? Right.