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Friday, January 16, 2015

Our Project 52, Week Two: Morning.

I am not a morning person.

This was more evident last year, when Kiedis had to be on the bus at some insane hour like 6:15 and both of us, as in this arena he is so my son -- would grouch and grump at each other as we sped through potty and clothes and lunches and gogogo the bus is here! while Tova played quietly because she didn't have to be on the bus for another two hours, yet.

That was brutal.

This year, they go to the same school, on the same bus, and pick-up time is a blissful (by comparison) roughly 8:30AM. However, working nights, the struggle is still very real for me.

So I stumble upstairs and while still groggy myself, I wake children and we potty and brush teeth and put on school clothes and get socks and do hair and head downstairs, for breakfast and lunch-making and homework-checking and shoes and coats and we head out the door.

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If I am lucky, I have managed to grab a cup of coffee on our way out the door.

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It often resides on the roof of my car, so I can take one little hand in each of mine as we walk into the street to get on the bus, once it arrives.

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Most of the time, she waves back. Sometimes, he does too.

Then they are off and into their world and I retreat into mine, the roughly three hours of the day that are mine and mine alone to get all of the things done, four days a week.

But first, I make my breakfast and I sit and enjoy the stillness for just a moment while I truly finish waking up.

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I have always loved the way the light is in this house. Even on the cloudy days, even if the views out the window aren't that great. It is one of the things I will miss the most, so I try to suck it in whenever I get the chance.

Lately, as I've been making a real effort to get back to my words, that means I head upstairs to the office/playroom that was once Tova's nursery and I get to business.

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Creativity thrives in chaos, yo.

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I'm a big believer in the power of words -- so I try to fill my physical spaces with phrases/sayings/mantras because I think the more you just casually see the words, the more they imprint themselves in your mind, and the more you believe them.

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Sometimes it's awesome things I find out in the world.

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Sometimes it's things I make myself, more personal, more sacred.

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By this point in the morning, the day has certainly begun and the clock is ticking before I slip back into stay-at-home-mom mode, and then working mom mode, so I bust out what I can -- I am often simultaneously on my laptop and my phone, doing all the things. I strive to achieve a better balance as this year wages on, but for now, the mornings are my me time.

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