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Friday, January 9, 2015

Our Project 52, Week One: Who Are You?

I am taking on all the damn projects this year, ha.

One of them is a weekly photography project being put on by my IRL + blogging friends LaShawn and Mimi, for people who just want to get better at taking pictures.

#ourproject52 hosted by &

And now, you may wonder, why would I be signing up for a photography challenge? I already have the #365feministselfie project, now in year two (which yes, I am totally going to bore you with my feels on that here in the new future) and I mean, isn't that a lot?


A photo posted by Tabatha M (@so_tabulous) on

I have a new toy I need to figure out.

This week's theme was "Who Are You?" with the focus kind of being on self portraiture.

Now, as I hope you're aware, I'm kind of fierce at the whole selfie game. I feel like I pretty much have the basics on lock ... and a year's worth of photos to show for it. And since the link-up is on Thursdays, I totally took the opportunity to blend my Instagram photo challenge with this blogging photo challenge yesterday.

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But, admittedly, that was the easy way out. Because I know how to use my phone camera, and my editing apps. Sure, I can improve, but the point is to use this fancy new camera I have.

So, I present to you, the very first photo taken with my camera, mere hours after I received it.


Blurry, just slightly out of focus. Much like how I've been living my life these past few years. But still there, still present, still trying, still learning.

So, who am I? I am a mother, a writer, an empath, an artist, an (over)thinker, a rescuer, a bleeding heart, a lover, a feminist, a lifelong learner, a builder, a doer, a cat person, a daughter-sister-friend-confidante, a purple enthusiast, a woman-girl, an ENFP, and most of all ... I'm a survivor.

I'm Tabatha. And I'm a fucking force to be reckoned with.

And I wouldn't have it any other way.

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