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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

It's The End Of The Month As We Know It.

Deep sigh.

Ends of the month are always insane. The life of a freelancer at it's darkest for sure.

But of course, this month, the kids' schools are having testing and they can only test three kids a day, so they've been home all week, which is for certain throwing a wrench in all my plans.

I love being able to spend extra time with them, but holy poop I feel like I can't get anything actually accomplished.

Anyway, I'm posting really just to say that I've been brewing on an idea for a family photoshoot, and if all the stars align correctly over the next couple of days I'd have everything I need for said idea, plus the free time with my family, to make it happen.

I just need a photographer on incredibly short notice.

And, of course, I don't get paid from my regular job until next week, so someone willing to work with that.

It involves perhaps this set-up in my backyard:
The Gardens of Babylon: Salvage Edition.
Plus a chandelier, some curtains, vintage furniture, and sequined formalwear. You know, as you do.

And for reference, my little magnolia tree is much happier looking than when I took this photo, so add in some pretty pink flowers and such.

SOOOOOO if anyone out there in BlogLand is a photographer or knows of someone who is that'd be willing to come play at my house this weekend for a couple of hours (and yes, it kind of has to be this weekend because that's how long I have a fancy dress for) shoot me a message through any of the online channels that you prefer.

I hope to be back in full force next week.