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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Dragons: Defenders Of Berk Part 1 {A Tabulous Review!}

So remember the giveaway I did a couple of weeks ago?

Well, last week in the mail our very own copy of Dragons: Defenders of Berk Part 1 showed up all magically and since it was Spring Break and raining and the kids and I were just kind of staring at each other waiting for someone to do something, I pretty much opened the envelope and then handed it to Kiedis to see his reaction.
He SCREAMED. Like, hands on the sides of his face all Home Alone style.

And then we had to watch it.

Since it's several episodes all strung together, I opted to just play a couple so we didn't end up marathoning the whole thing. Kiedis ran away for a minute and I was confused ... until he came downstairs with his Hiccup costume I made him for Halloween and the toy shield we'd purchased as a prop for said costume, yelling "HICCUP AND TOOTHLESS AND DRAGONS! I LOVE THE HICCUP AND TOOTHLESS AND DRAGONS YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!"

So safe to say he was excited.

Later he grabbed his Toothless pillow pet and was "riding" it around the house yelling for Astrid and Snotlout and Fishlegs which I tried so hard to get a picture of but he wouldn't stay still. At all.

Over the span of the next few days we eked out a couple of episodes at a time, all of us transfixed on the continuation of the story plot from the Riders of Berk series. Without spoiling anything, it's safe to say a whole bevy of characters return from the previous series and the story plots manage to believably continue and in some cases converge pretty seamlessly. All of your favorite characters are there, and the animation and dialogue is the great quality you'd expect after seeing the first series.

Also, I will say there's a whole thing with Hiccup's shield that spans the Defenders series that once Kiedis realized that he actually had the same thing (as the shield we bought was a licensed Dragons toy) he was SUPER THRILLED and spent the next couple of days actually figuring out how to use it as a crossbow which yay fine motor skills! and problem solving! but boo using a weapons and shooting things inside the house.

All of that to say that if you have a How To Train Your Dragon fan in your home (or are one yourself, because I am) this DVD is completely worth adding to your collection, especially with HTTYD 2 coming out this June.

Many thanks to DreamWorks for making both of my kids' Spring Break a bit more exciting!

I received a copy of this DVD gratis but all opinions within this review are my own. I really wish I could have shown you all Kiedis on that pillow pet with his shield and costume because it was PURE GLEE. Also this post contains some affiliate links.