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Friday, March 14, 2014

And Not One Ounce Of My Education Is Wasted.

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A long time ago, before a single strand of purple ever graced my miniature head, I had dreams. Big dreams.

I wanted to be an actress.

These dreams carried me through high school and into a deep involvement with various theatre programs in and around my school, and even took me across the large void of graduation and into college, where I spent about a year and a half in a pretty competitive drama program.

And then I was cut from the program for, in all honesty, going crazy. I wasn't told so in as many words -- more that I wasn't progressing at an appropriate pace, but that last quarter was my first time being on any medication and not at all shockingly, it was rough to adjust.

So rough that a couple of short years later, I'd stop taking my pills cold-turkey. And I'd go even crazier for a short time until I was actually back to normal and a decade out, I'm not really sure that all of that amounted to much of anything but ruining my dreams and a whole lot of bad decisions and a couple of tattoos I still love all this time later.

I'd still trade those tattoos for those years to be sane, but you know, bygones.

Anyway, with everything in my life being as it is currently, it became apparent to me that my small freelance jobs (one of which hasn't been consistently paying me while still expecting me to do the work on their schedule) weren't going to cut it as my main means of employment. One of my biggest hindrances in being able to make the best choices for myself and my children has been my financial dependence on Kyle -- and that needed to change.

Lo and behold, upon the Facebook wall of a friend, a position with the local theatre association for subscription and ticket sales was available. The hours were evenings Sunday-Thursday, meaning I very rarely would need childcare and wouldn't have to sacrifice my days with the kids. It was in support of something I have a deep love for, in the city in which I live, and I felt like I had a fighting chance because I have a college degree and some of that college credit I earned was actually in theatre (with the majority of the rest being in sociology, which is good for sales and marketing) and I have previously worked for other non-profit organizations ... and because my friend was a recent hire into the HR department, and we had worked for the same company previously.

So I applied.

And I got an interview.

And this week, I started to work in a theatre.
Schuster Center Ceiling

The Schuster Center
photo credits via nfh23 on Flickr

I walk through this gorgeous building each evening on my way to my desk, in awe. I may not be here to perform a role for an audience, but I somehow managed to land a job in the arts in the premier venue for said arts that is (so far) kind and welcoming and interesting and validating.

And I didn't even have to change my hair.

Sure, the adjustment has been just that -- an adjustment -- but so far I've been able to catch the kids before they fall asleep for the night and say goodnight to them, being greeted with hugs and kisses and Mommy you came back always followed with of course I came back, I will always come back. My days need to be more structured in order to get everything accomplished, but I think that's only helping me to actually get things done because I don't have endless amounts of time to address whatever's at hand.

I'm hoping it continues to go well, that it's a good fit as time goes on and I leave training and begin actually working. I'm hoping the toll on my kids remains kind of minimal -- I already feel some sadness at missing evenings with them in the summer, as that was my favorite time of day last year, playing in the backyard as the sun set -- but this gives me the ability to make things a little better for them, and for me as well.

And someday, I'll tell you about taking a tour of the oldest theatre in the area (which has been in operation since 1866 and is across the street from the fancy new theatre I work at but is part of the same association) with my boss one evening and having the single most paranormal experience of my LIFE as she was telling me about the theatre being on the national registry of haunted places and so forth, but today is sunny and it's supposed to be warm and I'll just tuck that nugget away for after I've had some time to process and come to peace with the fact that I'm probably going to be coming into contact with ghosts now on the semi-regular.

Every job has it's quirks, right?


Let me know when you want to come see a show in Dayton -- there are tons of ways to enjoy Broadway theatre, family-oriented productions, fun variety programming and more for just about everyone, and I can make sure you get the best tickets at the best prices.

And I promise to keep you out of the haunted balcony.