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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A Mile A Day.

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After missing the Disney Princess Half Marathon, I was feeling pretty down on myself. I regretted not just jumping in the car with my sister and, well, literally and figuratively running away for the weekend.

But emotionally, I couldn't muster up the strength. My training had been practically non-existent because I never got back into the swing of it with everything else going on in my life. And then I caught this year's plague and it was just out, out, out.

So when Lent rolled around, I decided I would use the opportunity to get my ass back on the road.

Now, I'm not particularly religious by any means. There was just sudden appeal in spending an allotted amount of socially-sanctioned time trying to make myself better. I thought it might help to have vague support.

But instead of giving anything up, I decided that self-care was the best step to get me feeling ... really anything at all ... again.

So, I promised myself at least a mile a day until Easter. I wanted it to be three but having been sick and emotionally shattered I thought that might be a quick road to injury, so a mile it is.

I've only missed three days so far -- the day of Kiedis' birthday party, the day I road-tripped all day with my new coworkers to Cleveland to see a show, and the day after that because sleep and exhaustion and trying to kick the last little bit of this awful cold.

But most days I've averaged two miles, even making it up to four one time. 

And I'm slowly feeling stronger, physically at least. My body is already responding to the changes in activity and I'm quickly becoming proud of how I look again, because I'm earning it in a positive manner.

Emotionally ... I'm in my feels deep, for sure. The new job is a welcome change of pace (and distraction) and the scheduling of my days required to be able to fit in running and errands and work and childcare and food and sleep keeps me moving when I don't want to do anything but lay on my couch with the cats and the dogs. 

But my thoughts are getting their fair share of stage time, as opposed to being a muddled mess halfheartedly bottled up and shoved aside for an indeterminate later, even if it's just in my own head while I slowly shuffle-trot up my street.

And I'm already up to approximately 28 miles to my goal, so that feels good.

If you're into fitness tracking stuffs (as I am, because it keeps me accountable and also hi, sociologist GIVE ME ALL THE STATS AND DATA) I'm on RunKeeper, FitBit, and PACT. I plan on talking about how all of those fit into my life and what have you but that would make this post unbearably long, so we'll save it for another time.

All of this to say, so far, so good. And there's still a month until Easter. I'm not sure how I'll manage next week with the kids on spring break and the gym daycare therefore closed (uuuuggggghhhhh) but I'll do my best.

Here's to taking care of myself, one little mile at a time.