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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Love Me Knott {A Tabulous Review!}

A few weeks back, I received an email from Amanda Knott of Love Me Knott - Bilton Creations asking if I'd possibly like to review one of her gemstone necklaces here for you all to see. I poked around her Etsy shop and thought OF COURSE.

We emailed back and forth a bit, and I pretty immediately realized she's my kind of people. A mom of two kids close in age, Amanda and her mom (who made jewelry when Amanda was growing up) create these one-of-a-kind gemstone necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and keychains (among other things!) with stones that compliment each other not just aesthetically, but energy-wise as well.

Hang on with me here a minute -- this is where I show you how crunchy I am. I totally am down with stones having positive energy attributes about them and have long believed that. My favorite is amethyst not only because it's purple, but because it's my birthstone. If you were ever in my house you'd see I have amethyst geodes tucked away in various places, and for most of my life I always made sure that I had a piece of amethyst on me 99% of the time. We all have our little talismans and superstitions and this is mine. If you find a rock you like, it's supposed to be with you. End rant.

Anyway, so when I told Amanda about my love of amethyst, she promised me she'd find some good stones to work with, and a couple of weeks later, this little beaut showed up in the mail:
And I was tickled with glee, not just because it came in the coolest gold pouch and wrapped up like a present for royalty (though that did add to the amount of grinning that was escaping from my face, no lie). I love the veining in the pendant. The clear quartz and rose quartz beads are gorgeous. And the silver hardware is delicate and intricate and just amazing. I've been a low-key jewelry crafter for a while (another thing you didn't know about me!) and this here is the real deal.

PS, I ganked that photo from Amanda's Facebook Page, which you should totally go check out and give a like. 

I had the necklace for probably a week before I found the perfect opportunity to wear it -- for the kids' classroom Valentine's Day parties.
Love Me Knott.
I ADORE how the necklace hits me -- because I'm actually incredibly short-waisted and fairly narrow-shouldered, I actually have a hard time finding grown-up jewelry that sits right on my tiny little bird neck and collarbone. Things are usually too long and kind of awkwardly chilling halfway into my tank top because my boobs are also high on my chest (see aforementioned short-waistedness) so I was STOKED that without having to be like, hey, I have no torso to Amanda, the necklace sat just right. I love how the lighter beads almost disappear into my neckline, letting the pendant pop. And the weight of this is perfect -- heavy enough to stay put and hang correctly, but not like you've got a boulder tied to your neck just swinging about like a giant pendulum of doom or anything.

I am realizing that I am far more particular about jewelry than I think I even realized. FEELS, I HAVE THEM.

Here's a close-up:
Love Me Knott.
And though it may look like the tinier beads have sharp edges, I assure you, they do not. Each stone is polished to soft round edges, so no claw marks either. Seriously, it's just perfect.

I love this necklace because it's the perfect middle ground between the tiny pendant necklaces I usually wear in my everyday and the statement jewelry that I'm never quite sure I can pull off. I always feel like I don't have enough literal space on my body for those big huge necklaces without looking like I'm being attacked by some alien torture collar or something. Not the case with this piece -- it's just right.

I also love it because Amanda took the time to talk to me a bit and then designed a piece with me in mind -- so when I first saw it on Facebook before she shipped it out, I felt like it was special, just for me. I love handmade jewelry for that fact alone -- the heart behind it.

Anywhoodle, in celebration of me turning 30 tomorrow (excuse me while I hyperventilate into a brown paper bag), Amanda's offering 30% off anything in her shop with the code

THAT'S A TEST, PEOPLE. YOU'RE GOING TO HAVE TO SPELL MY NAME RIGHT TO GET A DISCOUNT. It's not that hard, I promise -- the only vowel in my first name is A. Not an I, not an E, all A's.
There's a quiz later.

So maybe you can pick yourself up a little something special to perk up this last dredge of this endless winter -- imagine how great this necklace is going to look with a maxi dress, for serious -- and help support another mama following her dream of making beautiful things for the world.

And while you're at it, peep her Facebook Page, give her a like, and see what kind of awesome she's dreaming up right now as we speak. (Here's a hint -- bracelets!)

Meanwhile, me and my amethyst will be rocking out three decades on this planet in style.
Love Me Knott.

I received this necklace free of charge in exchange for writing this review, however all opinions included are my own.