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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

School Pictures 2013-2014.

Things that should not require this much effort:

     *Three calls to the office of one school to get three different answers, all apparently incorrect
     *Two calls to the main customer service hub of one company to set everything straight
     *One trip to the actual school to escort my own child to the retakes at the appointed time and ensure he
       doesn't flip out or get scared again
     *Four week waiting windows between each picture day and getting proofs (or not, in the case of one  
       school, because "we don't do that" though I'd been reassured they did)
     *Six week waiting window to get CDs of images, including a "mandatory shut down" over the holidays
But in the end, I guess I still got these:
2013-2014 School Pictures via

2013-2014 School Pictures via

And while not as awesome as last year's (this is Tova's first go round with school photos after all, and since we had to do retakes, now Kiedis' third ... though both children have had PLENTY of professional photos taken of them before, though I guess not as posed ...) they're still cute enough.

Even if I had to basically take the retakes myself.

And I guess three to four months later is better than none at all.