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Friday, January 3, 2014

Mamanista Fridays: The Holiday Edition.

First, a word.

A couple of days ago on Pinterest a follower of mine (I guess?) fat shamed a plus-size pin I shared. I retorted because I don't stand for that kind of stuff as someone who has weight issues and has many friends who are happily all sizes, shapes, ethnicities, gender identities, and so on. I was actually pretty upset about it, because I didn't want that to be seen by other people who only follow me on Pinterest (because I have my largest and most substantial following over there, and mostly on my fashion board to wit) who may or may not actually know anything else about me and therefore know that I don't mess with that.

But I also was upset with myself. I don't pin plus-size outfits very much, because currently, I'm not plus-sized. I also don't pin many women of color fashion spreads because I'm not a woman of color. In both cases, I strayed towards what I thought was sensitivity because I in no way wanted to appear to be trying to misappropriate culture or experience. I would like the heck out of the pins I saw from those categories, but I rarely repinned in fear of upsetting my friends because I am not like what I'm pinning and I don't know -- I wasn't going to pin things I can't currently wear. But the one time I branched out because I SERIOUSLY loved the outfit and thought the woman looked gorgeous, someone lashed out.

And that got me thinking that maybe I had it all wrong. That is was necessary for me to pin ALL kinds of fashion that gets my wheels turning because it normalizes it, supports it, and hopefully helps to step these currently "unconventional" spreads out of subculture and into the mainstream. I feel like that's what recognizing privilege is all about -- extending it and boosting up everyone around you, in this case, as beautiful and amazing and fashionable and just full of yes.

We're not the categories our bodies belong to. We're human, and we are beautiful because we are different.

Anyway, now that I'm off my soapbox, today's a two-for-one on outfits because I wasn't able to post last week. Again, you'll have to forgive the not-awesomeness of the photos.

My first outfit was for a 30th birthday party and a holiday party double-whammy in Columbus. My brother came to watch the kids so we didn't have to drive back in the middle of the night, and so I really wanted to kind of amp up the fancy factor.
Mamanista Fridays: Holiday Edition.
dress: Olsenboye for JCPenney | velvet blazer: Target | black tights: Spanx | metal bib necklace: H&M
faux wrap studded braclet: H&M | spike earrings: Target | glitter platform pumps: Madden Girl (found at Marshall's)

Yes, that dress has a see-through middle. It was $20 on clearance in the junior's department of JCPenney (which I rarely go to, but a trusted fashionable friend suggested I check them out and lo and behold, y'all.) and I won't lie, you can see my bra peeking out because my boobs barely fit into it.
Mamanista Fridays: Holiday Edition.
I also went more SPARKLY on my usual makeup, using my new Urban Decay Vice2 palette, Urban Decay glitter eyeliner, and Bite Cosmetics lip stain in Bordeaux. Because HOLIDAYS=GLITTER.
Mamanista Fridays: Holiday Edition.
I in no way consider myself an expert in makeup, but I also believe in the power of a little technique and a good Pinterest tutorial. 
Mamanista Fridays: Holiday Edition.
Ignore the toilet in the background. I have a little head and it doesn't block things very well, despite my best efforts.

Here's a better shot from the birthday party portion of the night:
Mamanista Fridays: Holiday Edition.
That I shamelessly stole from Facebook and cropped all non-me parties out of because I respect the privacy of my friends. Also Kyle was making a weird face in this one so nope. Also, that's a gunmetal metallic leather Kate Spade foldover clutch I snagged at the outlets years ago, if you cared.

The second outfit is what I wore to my family's annual Christmas Eve get-together at my grandparent's house:
Mamanista Fridays: Holiday Edition.
dress: Old Navy | tights: Spanx | suede platform boots with leather wrap-around straps: Nine West
peacock feather necklace: Old Navy | stretchy spike bracelet & mandala earrings: Target

I've had this dress for a couple of years and it's so stupidly versatile that I'm so glad I bought it. It's light silk, so it works in nearly all seasons and thanks to a cinched waist, it's super flattering. My family was asking if I'd lost weight since Thanksgiving and while I have, it's not enough to elicit quite the reactions they were giving. Goes to show that it's more in what you wear than what you're actually shaped like.

Here's the back, which is exactly like the front but hits across my shoulders in a way that I love: 
Mamanista Fridays: Holiday Edition.
And here's the best I could do on a detail shot for the embroidered jet-black beading on the shoulders and sleeves:
Mamanista Fridays: Holiday Edition.
My makeup was pretty standard for me, with just a little bit more shimmer than my usual routine.
Mamanista Fridays: Holiday Edition.
And before anyone asks, YES, those are my natural lashes. My children have them too, as does my brother and my mother and I think even my dad. I'm sorry. My eyebrows are atrocious if I don't keep up on them every living second so flipside to every coin.

This is one of my favorite go-to outfits.
Mamanista Fridays: Holiday Edition.

I didn't end up dressing up for NYE because (a) we were staying home and (b) sweatpants, despite the fact that I had a perfect dress if the occasion were to arise. But maybe if I get bored here soon I'll put it on anyway. And try to figure out how to take better photos.

Click through the widget below to check out more awesome Mamanista Friday Fashion -- apparently I missed the memo that it was leather leggings week which, DUH. Soon enough, I'm sure. Soon enough.

Have a great weekend!