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Monday, January 6, 2014


It took me sixteen weeks to prepare for my first half marathon back in October -- and that's if you don't count the training for and completion of my first 5K in June before that.

Running is never something I thought I'd be doing, and as I've discovered recently, it's something that's really easy to fall out of.

I should have started training about the beginning of November. I hemmed and hawed through the holidays, talking about running but only managing to get out twice, for two three-mile runs that left me feeling deflated and out of shape.

I rallied before Christmas and found a new schedule, that was a ten-week plan right as the ten week out mark approached.

And I still didn't run for two more weeks.

So over the span of eight weeks, I completely lost any ground I'd gained when it came to running, and am essentially right back at the very beginning.

Except there are sub-Arctic, record-breaking temperatures out there and I own far more warm weather running clothes than I do cold.

And I have eight seven weeks to be ready to go to Florida with my sister for the Disney Princess Half Marathon the weekend right before our respective 30th and 33rd birthdays.
I'm now a week into the ten-week training program, hoping to somehow make up for the lost time of the past couple of weeks without hurting myself. I still have to survive training in the winter (one of the coldest and snowiest on record, of course) to transition to summer in the span of a weekend as well as figure out things like getting to Orlando -- my sister has amazingly found accommodations for us, so that's at least covered -- and of course, the biggest concern of them all ...

... what princess am I going to dress up as?

Today is my cross-training day and I hope to make it to my first day of dance class at the studio I work for if the temperatures warm just a smidge (to like, above actual zero degrees Fahrenheit) and they don't cancel class.

But tomorrow, tomorrow is back at the grind and if it's still this cold the kids will still be at home so all bets are off if I'll be able to continue. I know I need to take this just one day at a time, but man, I'd be lying if I didn't admit my anxiety's running higher than average.

Stay warm, wherever you are.

And I'd adore your opinions on who to dress up as for the race. I only have seven weeks, so please keep that in mind!