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Friday, December 20, 2013

Mamanista Fridays.

Let's do something completely different and happy, yes?

At BlogHer 2012, met a lovely group of ladies in the airport on my way back home from NYC via Atlanta -- Trina, Mimi, and LaShawn. Despite being so emotionally drained from the whole experience, I eavesdropped on their convo as they poured over their iPads and talked about conference goings on, and I was sure they'd been where I had so I introduced myself.

I ended up having the seat next to Trina on the flight to Atlanta and we had a great talk about blogging and sponsorship and kids (Trina has the most adorable little girl P who is just a month older than Tova) and she actually encouraged me to be bolder and braver in my goals. Then she took a nap and I wrote the first few paragraphs of the first chapter of my book.

Fast forward to Chicago at BlogHer 2013, and Trina emailed me to invite me to her offsite party that I was super excited to go to, but then free booze at the expo hall (and a little bit of finally meeting Momo Fali IRL and selfies to prove to a mutual friend that we were indeed together. and booze.) derailed my plans and I felt awful. Mostly, I was hugely flattered that a fashion blogger thought I was cool enough to hang out with and then I dropped the ball.

Anyway, a couple of days ago Trina emailed me again to invite me to participate in her and Aracely's new weekly link up, Mamanista Fridays. It's just a simple linky to show what stylish moms are wearing each week and a great way to spread some fashion love around.

Color me flattered again, as I sit here in my worst pair of sweatpants.

In all honesty, I've been wanting to do Fashion Fridays here at Tabulous for a while now, but for one reason or another I never quite pulled the trigger.

Yet again, Trina gives me the kick in the rear I need.

So, without further ado, my Mamanista Friday outfit:
Mamanista Friday 12/20/13
striped dolman shirt, red skinnies & black tank: Old Navy | star scarf & mandala earrings: Target | 
studded wrap bracelet: H&M | tiny star necklace: Etsy | moto riding boots: DSW

Kyle's new school was having a holiday party last night at an inside recreation and gaming center -- like a Dave & Busters, essentially, plus go carts and laser tag and mini golf and stuff all inside. It was family friendly (and pay your own way) so we took the kids because they had a giant bouncy castle area with at least ten different inflatable things for them to run around in/on.

Mamanista Friday 12/20/13
faux leather moto jacket: Old Navy

So I had the challenge of wearing something flexible enough to play with my kids, while appearing "me" enough to meet some of his coworkers for the first time (but also understanding that he works in a small conservative religious urban district now) and also nice enough to be holiday party worthy. All of this, of course, through the lens of our personal life struggles right now (that most of his coworkers have no idea about).

Mamanista Friday 12/20/13

It was a wee of a challenge, but I think I did okay.

Mamanista Friday 12/20/13

Excuse the bathroom selfies. Basically I live my life like one giant Instagram session.

I mean, I definitely got some looks from the coworkers and just regular pedestrians alike, but that happens so much more than you'd think just because of my hair (I live in Southwest Ohio. Things are a little ... strange here.) and the fact that there were two perfectly normal children calling me Mommy definitely befuddled some people beyond that.

Anyway, I was comfy and appropriate for the situation (I think) and the kids had fun until they melted down from overstimulation (expected) and all in all it was a pretty successful family outing.

So feel free to click the button below to submit your post, and thanks to Trina and Aracely for inviting me to participate!

Have a SAFE and fun weekend out there!