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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Run Tabs Run, Part Two.

I ran for the first time today since the half marathon.

It was ... not as pleasant as I'd hoped/assumed.

The weather was perfect, though, and the high point of the sunset across the multi-hued still-leafed trees was a sight to behold. I felt like a newb again, with the briskness of the air stinging my lungs a touch while I tried to wrangle a wild Lulu (she's been missing our runs far more than I, that's for sure) and needing to walk, twice, in three miles.

But in other ways, it felt good. I found myself more surprised when RunKeeper would tell me the time and distance I'd traveled because surely it hadn't been that long. I was able, for the most part, to let my brain go quiet and only concentrate on my direction, my posture, the dog leash.

And after the last few anxiety-riddled days, that was nice.

I'll save the talk of training and gear and whatnot for another day, but for tonight, especially after the shitshow I endured at my local FedEx trying to complete a freelance job which ended with me biting back tears of frustration and bitterness (and missing my deadline), I just want to remember that for a short part of my day, I had peace.

nablopomo 2013 via

nablopomo 2013 via