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Friday, November 22, 2013

Cradle Robbed.

This is the last weekend of Kyle's twenties.

We met just a few months prior to his 22nd birthday, and the eve of said birthday (which was Thanksgiving that year) he called me his girlfriend for the first time.

And now, we're entering a new decade together and that feels impossible.

I have three whole months (and three days!) until my 30th birthday, so for a short time I will be younger than him on paper and while this is obviously not the first time this has been the situation, this feels like more of a transition, more of him moving forward into something that I can't quite join him at yet.

In my mind, he's walking through a doorway that closes as soon as I start to approach.

He keeps joking that he's turning 29 again and I keep telling him that he has three months to work that out because ain't no way imma be married to a younger man and I'll be turning thirty in due time, thanks.

But it's strange to be watching him age and truly become so effortlessly a man, but to remember the cute boy I met the better part of a decade ago and see him often in a smile, a glance.

Aging, it is mysterious and magical.

Tonight, we're going to an adult event at the children's science museum (I won tickets!) and hopefully it will be fun and some good grown-up time out of the house for both of us. Tomorrow we may go out to the co-op brewpub for a while while my dad watches the kids. And then Sunday, Sunday is the day.

I keep teasing him that the only thing he'll be getting is to sit through Catching Fire with me, but with tonight's activities our sitter reserve is used up, so I doubt that'll be happening on the actual day (unless any of you want to volunteer).

But in all honesty, I hope he knows this birthday is more than that. We may not be able to do a whole heck of a lot for time and kids and money and everything that also comes with getting older, but I truly hope this weekend closes this past decade for him in a good light.

Now I'm off to dye my hair because obviously, the occasion calls for it.

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nablopomo 2013 via