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Monday, October 14, 2013

Let The Anxiety Games Begin!

So it's a week until the Columbus (Half) Marathon.


Thanks to my mom, we'll (yes, my family gets to come!) have a place to stay in Columbus the night before, but my dad can't watch the dogs so I don't know how we're going to work that out. I still have to read through all of the suggestions and procedures on the official website, which will undoubtedly will give me all the things to obsess and stress over.

Travel and new experiences always make me a nutcase.

As it comes to the actual running -- I was doing pretty well there for a while. Sure, I had some awful runner's knee and the arch of my left foot was ... not right. I was following my training schedule and did my 13 mile run (well, I miscalculated the distance and I came in at around 12.6 miles) and then ...

Then, I stopped.

I skipped a full week of training. I still went to hoop class and I worked on some house projects, so I was still moving and sweating and such, but the thought of putting on my shoes was just too much.

The shoes I'm tearing through like paper, by the way.

Luckily, how my training program works is that the last two weeks are what they call a taper -- you back off your training to save up your energy, I guess? So I've not missed really any long runs, just a bunch of short ones.

Then, thanks to Influenster, I received a sample of Dr. Scholl's Active Series insoles, which was inspiration enough to lace back up and give it a go a couple of times this week.
Let The Anxiety Games Begin!
I wish they matched my shoes. But you know, I'm picky like that.

The time off made my runs this past week a little rougher than they had been before while I was constantly training, but the upside is that my knee and the arch of my foot are hardly giving me any issues at all. The insoles help support my stupidly high arches and provide enough extra cushion that my knees feel normal.

Before, trying to stand up from sitting would mean I would have to hobble like a hunchback across the room before I could stand up straight and only minimally limp through the house, my foot and knee just refusing to remember that I'm only 29, not 89. Now -- well, I can just stand up and go about my business without needing to support myself or baby any extremities.

The things we take for granted, you guys.

So maybe it was smart, taking that time off, to let my body recoup a bit before trying to do this insanity this upcoming weekend. Now it's making my runs this week and doing all the carb-loading, which is kind of complicated for a diabetic. And also, you know, travelling, my dependable source of epic anxiety.

So, if you're going to be in or around Columbus, Ohio on Sunday, October 20th, at approximately the buttcrack of dawn, come on out to the festivities. There's supposed to be a kids' area and vendors and all kinds of fun stuff. Plus, you could see me and my family and watch me eat all the food the night before/brunch after.

I'm LIVING for brunch after, you guys. LIVING.

And if you can't make it, apparently there's a little app that will make Facebook posts/tweets on my behalf letting you know when I pass certain markers. So I guess that's cool. At least you'll all be able to see where I fall over dead, right?

But it would be way more awesome if you came out. My secret hope is for just one sign with my name on it.

Make my dreams come true, please.

And pray that you all won't be burying me on Monday.

*I received the Dr. Scholl's insoles for free from Influenster, but all opinions and comments in this blog post are my own.*