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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Lessons In Marriage.

Back in August, two high school friends of Kyle's tied the knot (our yearly wedding invite!). This may seem mostly unremarkable, but that couple had been dating since high school, so ten years on finally tying the knot was a pretty huge deal indeed.
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The guy of the couple was one of Kyle's best friends from middle school on up, and when I first met Kyle was one of the first people to smile and give me a big hug and tell me that if Kyle ever did me wrong, let him know and he'd set him straight.

Mild threats of violence on behalf of strangers' dignity are my kind of people.

They were roommates in a house that this guy owned, along with two hockey players from our college (henceforth to be commonly referred to as "The Hockey House") and there, in that house, is where Kyle and I's relationship really began. I don't want to get too personal, but let's just say that if I had managed to stay over and then Kyle had to leave for work, those guys never made me feel like I was doing a walk of shame -- hell, half the time someone cooked me breakfast. Kyle's friend came over and helped us with some house projects early on (obviously some time later) and came to Kiedis' first birthday despite not having any children of their own. They've had us over to their old house under renovation a few times -- both in large groups and just us -- and it's always been easy, great fun.

We may not get to see this couple very often due to incredibly busy and conflicting schedules, but they're amazingly good people that I truly wish we could spend more time with.

So when it came time to figure out a wedding gift, we struggled. Their registry was all for house stuff -- like a new sink and stove for their kitchen -- so a gift card to the Depot was easy. But we both wanted to do something more, something truly personal and from our hearts because we love these people like family.

We decided the best thing we had to give them was our experience, something they know of but weren't intimately involved in at the time.

So we, together, wrote them a letter of the things we've learned throughout our five years of marriage.
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Lessons In Marriage. via
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We took turns writing our tips, passing the paper between one another across our dining room table. We both choked up reading each other's words and over knowing that we love each other fiercely, even if we're not the best at showing it. The purple notebook paper (I couldn't find my good stationary) may not look like much, but our hearts are poured out upon those three pages, a physical manifestation of our good blessings and huge faith in this couple as they go forward in their relationship.

Also, it's not solid relationship advice if you don't talk about poop. For serious.

The wedding was gorgeous, at a great location and full of old friends who seemed genuinely happy to see us, together. I met friends of Kyle's I'd heard of but never crossed paths with before and had great conversation, even as they all remarked that I was not Kyle's type at all, not even a little and I laughed because at least they were honest and not completely wrong, either. 
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But that's maybe why it works, because neither of us are what we normally went for, or I think what we expected.

We were the people who stayed behind at the end to help the family clean up, get the bride and groom out the door, and we ended up with half of the catering leftovers in our fridge -- and being in charge of freezing the top layer of the cake.

In those moments, it felt amazing to be able to be there for friends, as they have been for us before.

I was so honored to be a part of their big day, and to be able to call these great people friends. If it wasn't for them, Kyle and I may never have even gotten down the aisle ourselves, so today, as they approach two months of marriage on the day we celebrate five years, I want to honor them and say thank you for being our friends.
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