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Monday, August 5, 2013


Not that Mariah Carey movie. I would never do that to you.

I did however refrain from adding to the title "FREE SHIT, BITCHES" because I thought maybe that was a bit too much, even for me. You're welcome.

No, one of the awesome side effects of events like BlogHer is meeting new people and discovering their new bits of awesome.

Like Mona, the mommy blogger who is also a dominatrix.

This is what happens when you sit at the Sex Bloggers table for lunch. Ha.


She edited an anthology of real womens' tales of desire, sex, and other sexy time like things.

And she called it Glitter.

And this past weekend (and until midnight tonight I'm guessing EST but maybe not) it is LE FREE for download on Amazon.

She sent me a review copy of it and I've been tearing through it because not only is it eye-opening and yes, definitely at times very saucy, it's honest stories about being a woman in today's society from nearly every perspective -- gay, straight, bi, virginal, what have you -- told by the women themselves, as they saw fit.

It's fascinating, especially if you're into things like sex and gender studies. Ahem.

AND once I get a few of the details settled, one of you will be able to get your lady-mitts on an autographed actual copy of the book (yay for paper books!) as well as a few other developments in the wonderful world of Glitter and all of it's sex-positivity and awesomeness.

Go forth and download!