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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Obligatory Pre-BlogHer '13 Post {UPDATED}.

A week from today I will be heading back to Chicago for the second time this summer for ye ole anxiety-inducer extraordinaire, BlogHer '13. Except this year, with more purpose/things to be anxious about!


This week I received confirmation that I'll BE SPEAKING in my friend Erin's Room Of Your Own panel on the topic of "Is Your Blog Holding You Back?" with another fabulous lady, Shannon. Heh. I do actually have feels about this (as you can probably tell by my sporadic posting as of late) and I think it's going to be a really interesting conversation.
BlogHer '13
It's Saturday morning at 10 AM, if you'll be there. It'd be pretty awesome to see some friendly faces. If you're not able to come I found out yesterday that the hashtag(!) for the session is #BH13Balance so follow that on the appropriate (FaceTwiGram) channels. Apparently there might be a podcast of it at some point? I'll check back with that if you want to hear me babble about blogging.


Remember my saving grace last year, the Serenity Suite, where I met most of my blogging idols despite sobbing profusely?
BlogHer '13
Well, Heather asked me if I'd be willing to host for some of the time I'm there. And of course, I said yes. So officially, on Saturday night at the Sheraton, I'll be quietly welcoming you with cookies and tea in the Serenity Suite, giving you hugs and probably crying along with you, hopefully being to those who wander in what all those lovely women were to me last year. I'll probably be around other times, too, but officially that's when I'm hosting.

{UPDATE} Heather just posted some excellent information about the Serenity Suite here and maybe quoted someone you know to explain why the Suite is so important (ahem) AND the hashtag is #serenitysuite so add that to your FaceTwiGram as well.

So. Big year for me, kind of official. Who does that.

Also, I'm trying to run a 5K and go to a yoga class in Millennium Park (which of course those two events overlap so I probably won't make them both, boo) and also get in a friendly training run with Jenna who is my running guru and I have a private party to attend Thursday and maybe another thing Wednesday night and can you tell that the anxiety, it is mounting.