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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Fancy Pants. (Sponsored)

So those of you that have long fancy hair and have upcoming equally fancy events might want to give a peep to this video here for fancy hair fanciness you could win a nice little wad of cash to take your fancy-haired self out for other said fancy things. Like a pedicure.

I know not much of these things since I haven't had long hair since my pregnancies and it was then several years before that for a hot second, but pretty much since fifth grade I've kept this mop top cropped at chin length or less, but in full disclosure I'm being reimbursed by the powers that be at BlogHer for presenting this video to you, so if you want to help me out in the financial-gain-from-blogging department, you'll click play.


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Pray for me this week as Kiedis is out of school (just for the week, not the year) and ... mostly just that. Mostly just that.