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Sunday, April 21, 2013

When Your 23 Year Old Cousin With A Recently Broken Hip Asks You To Run A 5K With Her, You Do It.

I promise I'm not going to turn this into a running blog.

But over the weekend my cousin who survived a terrible car accident a few months back (like it broke her hip) suggested that I join her and her family at a 5K this summer. She even found one very close to my hometown, in the local hippie village, that coincides with their biannual Street Fair, which is one of my favorite things to trek out there to do. Sidenote -- the fall one is always the weekend right after (if not the day of) my wedding anniversary, and that's how we spent the day after our wedding, was at street fair, where I bought Kiedis some of his very first baby items that I still have. So it's close to my heart.

When I balked at the seven weeks until the date, unsure I could train in enough time, she consoled me and told me that due to her hip she'd probably run slowly and that it'd be okay, we could stick together.


This cousin is six years younger than me, and was the first baby I remember holding. As we've both grown up in our own ways, we've always managed to find each other, and in a lot of ways she's the little sister I never had. I love her to pieces and I'd like to think that were we not related, we'd be genuine friends.

So, with that out there, knowing that she's going to do this despite a broken hip and my aunt and uncle and another cousin are going to do it, well, I should be able to get my almost-thirty ass in gear, right? Because I am not injured or sick or recovering from anything in particular and I am alive and able and capable and so I should, I should, and I want to.

It's just a lot of discipline and pressure that usually never bodes well for me.

Did I mention I'm travelling this week for the home improvement blog I occasionally write for? Because, yeah, that. And it's still snowing where I'm going. SNOWING. And I'm trying to pack just a carry on because frankly we can't afford the checked baggage fees, but oy vey I wasn't planning on needing WINTER clothes and shoes nor was I planning on needing workout gear, but yeah, ALL OF THAT.

In a teensy little suitcase.

Take my travel anxiety and multiply it by five.

I knew planning to start training the week of a travel was a recipe for disaster, but then the free app of the day on Amazon was a C25K app that supports breast cancer research (Not Komen, thank jeebus) and I found both a seven-week and a four-week training schedule on Pinterest (just in case crap comes up) and my now go-to running sports bra was on clearance in a color I didn't have bringing my total up to three for three runs a week and damnit, damnit I'm doing this thing.

I just have to find the $25 to register for the actual race.

And, you know, be able to run 3.1 miles continuously without ending myself.

Fingers crossed!