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Sunday, February 3, 2013

My Smarter Commerce.

I tried really hard to not expect too much out of 2013, I really did.

The year before felt weird and wild and unexpected and I kind of liked that about it, that everything felt kind of out of left field and sometimes surreal but then also completely commonplace because when you kind of open yourself up to new things you start to believe anything is possible, and sure enough, you're proven right.

So far, it seems like if last year felt kind of wild, well, this year's shaping up to be mind blowing.

As you can see, there's some obvious new action going on here at Tabulous -- that BlogHer logo in the new header bar and in my sidebars are a clear tip that things have been apparently working out in my favor behind the scenes somewhere out there -- or at least that enough of you come by here often enough to make it worth their while to want to add me to the advertising payroll, but you know, it feels like a compliment regardless.

That aside, I made a promise to myself for 2013, that I wouldn't bleed it all out in blog form, but that I would finally force myself to sit down and begin writing my story, for real. Not just for me, not just for therapy, but with the intent that I've had all along, to publish in a real, actual book.

So the only resolution I made myself was that I would write my book proposal this year.

And a funny, kind of magical thing happened when I least expected it.

I've been asked to partner with IBM's new Smarter Commerce campaign along with their Social Influencer Think Tank, where they've reached out to a group of diverse people that they feel have real, honest, inspiring stories and who have dreams they want to accomplish over the next year, who believe in and utilize technology and commerce as a "connected consumer" to get themselves closer to their goals.

And they want to help those people -- meaning me -- get there.

You guys. All that shopping I've done over my entire life is maybe actually paying off.

So, for the month of February (which, APT, since it's my birth month and all), if I tweet or tag something with #mysmartercommerce, it's because that moment is a step in my story that gets me closer to writing that first chapter and putting myself out there, in believing that I have a story worth telling and an audience that wants to hear it. And the things that I tag and the story I tell and eventually, my very own face and voice and everything pretty much that makes me, me -- will become part of the face of IBM's Smarter Commerce campaign as well as include me in their Social Influencer Think Tank.

I mean. WHAT. But also, HOLY CRAP. With a dash of, really?

But I'm working on that whole taking-compliments-and-believing-in-myself-thing.

And here's where you come in.

Talk to me when you see me use that hashtag. Ask me about it. Tell me what Smarter Commerce means to you. Help me brainstorm and create and edit and navigate this crazy world and my place in it, because you all are a part of my story too, and I could not be doing any of this shenaniganry without you. Plus, if we have a good conversation together and tell a strong story together, I could have the opportunity to speak at SXSW and share that story -- our story -- at one of the largest independent creative and technological convergences of minds in the country if not the world.

For real.

And, kind of scarily, that's just the beginning of this thing with IBM.


That's what's been going on with me recently. That and it appears Tova is fairly much potty trained, but we can keep that for another, less mind blowing day. Though honestly it feels kind of equally exciting, but I'm not counting my chickens just yet as girlfriend can't decide if she loves or hates wearing panties instead of a diaper, but she is self-recognizing the need to go and is doing both duties just fine thank you, so, fingers crossed I'll have one of them out of diapers by the end of the month.

Big big things over here, kidlets.

Thank you, for being here and reading my words and being my friends and my salvation and my courage. And for going through this next crazy step and supporting me and believing in me and pushing me forward when I'm too caught up in my own head to see clearly and for just, damn. For just being you and letting me be me and for creating this space here.

I'm totally excited.

I hope you are, too.