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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Halloween 2012, A Recap.

I meant to post these a week ago. But, as you know, Wednesday morning began a five-day stint in stomach flu hell, so, you know, better late than never and all that.

This year, after making my own costume for my hoop performance, I just didn't have the time or resources to bust out homemade costumes for the kids this year. I thought about just putting them in last year's costumes and calling it done, but I just didn't quite have the heart.

So after scouring eBay and Amazon for a couple of weeks, I scored a couple of inexpensive, awesome costumes and felt a smidgen better.

Then, of course, Trick or Treat night was the eve of Sandy, and while things here in Ohio were a world of difference in comparison to New York and New Jersey, we did have 50 MPH winds, sleet, and general gross. Most suburban communities rescheduled their Beggar's Nights for the weekend, but our city was all "NOPE, ONE SHOT KIDS" and we were thisclose to sitting it out when I finally looked at Kyle and told him I was a Girl Scout, damnit, and a little hurricane edge wasn't going to stop me from taking the kids out.

So we put them in layers and their new snow boots, both of us doing the same for ourselves, and we set out.

Trick or Treat 2012
But being newly two, she wasn't having much of Trick or Treat at all:
Trick or Treat 2012
She barely walked any of the short path we took, refusing to be put down or acknowledge anyone who spoke to her, including us.

Trick or Treat 2012

But he refused to wear the hood part to make that clear. And this was about as still as I could get him for a photo all night, because magically, this kid GOT Trick or Treat and he was IN IT TO WIN IT.

Kiedis walked up to doors with me without hesitation, would say "Tick-ah-twee!" when people came to the door, and even said thank you and goodbye to many of the people who were kind enough to still hand out candy for us stragglers. He was awesome, and I was so proud of him. I'm choking up thinking about it.

That's why I was so super bummed in the morning, when he was sick, because his preschool class was supposed to go on a Trick or Treat parade through the school Wednesday morning, and watching it click for him made me feel like he would have such a blast doing that, and I wanted his teachers to see him in his costume being fearlessly him. Alas, it wasn't to be.

But the surprise of the night was this guy:
Trick or Treat 2012
Who suddenly was like, hey, I'm cool with this pumpkin costume, and better yet, imma escort you around the ghettohood without a leash and be completely and utterly cool with everyone and listen to your commands and go up to houses with the kid and help corral him when he gets distracted and generally be happy as possible on this little family adventure, mkay?

People could not get a bigger kick out of our little Chihuahua-pumpkin. Even when he did kind of act like he was going to walk into their houses like he lived there.

It was kind of rainy and miserable, but other than Tova, everyone had an unexpectedly awesome time, and in retrospect, I am so glad I made everyone suck it up and do it because all the other opportunities we had later in the week were obliterated with the contents of our stomachs coming up for unexpected visits.

Our surviving pumpkins even lasted the night without being stolen or smashed:
Trick or Treat 2012
And you know, sometimes it's the little things that make a memory all the more precious.

It wasn't what I had in mind for this Halloween, but I really wouldn't have wanted it any other way.