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Friday, September 21, 2012

This Is NOT How I Wanted To Spend My Friday.

So, this morning the blogging interwebs exploded because apparently FeedBurner (the way that you can subscribe here to these posts in a reader or by email, also the little purple widget with a number if you scroll down a ways) just stopped working. There had been rumors ever since Google bought it way back that this would eventually happen.

But I, because I am naive and trusting and am someone who operates nearly completely on Google products, refused to let it rattle me, all while still keeping my eye on things, you know, just in case.

Well, shit hit the fan, kids. Without warning.

After about six panic attacks and a call to my mom so she could watch the kids so I could think for three consecutive seconds, I began the process of migrating the feeds for both Tabulous and Turn Right At Lake Michigan off of FeedBurner and onto FeedBlitz.

I know, you're like "Great, techie blahblahblah post why the hell is she even saying anything about this?"

Well, I'm telling you because you need to know, because you have to do things if you still want to receive blog updates from me

That means, if you use any kind of reader service for RSS feeds, you need to update your feed to the new one. I've changed the buttons for you, so hopefully it should all work, and with a click, basically you just resubscribe.

I'm going to leave the FeedBurner feed up for as long as they send it out, which right now seems like it could be anything from a month from now to a few hours from now. If you don't want to click out of whatever it is you're reading this through right now, here's the link: (and here's the mobile-friendly solution: and it would be pretty stellar if you'd take five seconds to keep my little pieces of the internet as a part of your internet routine.

And if anything suddenly seems fishy or doesn't work for you, PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD LET ME KNOW so I can go fix it.

Thanks, and I hope to still see you all around here come Monday.