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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Farewell At Sunrise.

Herein lies the end of summer as we've known it.

This morning, we gently woke the kids and loaded them into the car to bring me to the airport. They surprised us with their joy upon awakening, with a sense of adventure in their eyes brighter than the dawn barely peeking over the horizon. Still in their jammies and flip-flops, they quietly rode along as we drove the thirty or so minutes to the local airport, smiling and waving at me as tiny fists rubbed still-sleepy eyes from the back seat as I checked on them from the front passenger seat.

A plane took off as we approached the long entrance road off of the highway to the terminal, delighting both of them with its close proximity and landing gear lights brighter than the emerging sun, at least from that close.

I'll be gone at BlogHer '12 until Sunday evening. We'll have that Monday, and then Kyle's beginning of the school year in-service will begin, since they start super early this year in hopes of getting out before Memorial Day at the end of the year.

So this morning was a bit of our swan song, sending me off in the dark to a year's worth of planning and stress and budget-juggling and even longer than that's worth of hopes and dreams and possibilities, to come home in five days and buckle down into our regular, ordinary life, pursuing new avenues for Kiedis' care and therapy, finding new experiences for Tova, and hopefully creating new time and space for me to get back to my words, to continue telling my story to anyone who'll listen.

It's been real, Summer. Thanks for the memories.

Especially the ones I'm about to make.