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Monday, July 2, 2012


How about a video today?

Here you are:

Tova Can Work A Camera. (22 months) from Tabatha Muntzinger on Vimeo.

I left my camera on the couch for a second after taking some photos. When I went to upload those photos, I found this little gem, courtesy of my precocious daughter.

Of course, I can't tell you what it sounds like because I HAVE NO SOUND on my laptop and every other device I own that CAN do sound ... doesn't play Vimeo files. Or Flash. UGH.

Meanwhile, this is my official plea for assistance with this ongoing issue. After one tumble where my Dell hit the front left corner against the wall and then the ground (Roxy I'll kill you you horrible cat) my internal wireless card stopped working, as did the USB on that side. It doesn't recognize any sound card or drivers AT ALL. And after ... at least six months of this nonsense, I'm buckling.

Anyone out there know how to go about fixing this without having to sell a kidney? Bueller?

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