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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Prom Redux.

So, we're going to prom in a month.

There was very little pomp or circumstance around it -- I looked at Kyle and flat out asked him to take me to prom this year. He laughed and asked me if I was serious and I deadpanned that I was, so he said okay.

Now, it's not going to be a very big deal actual dance-wise. Apparently the junior class at his school were just lazy and didn't raise much money, so it's in their gym at their new school (ooh, the klass, I can hardly take it) and I'm sure it'll be a bunch of music I don't recognize and a bunch of teenagers grinding on each other like there's no tomorrow and I'll just feel old as crap and I'll yell at them to get off my lawn.

My own senior prom was ten years ago, so feeling old is in the cards.

However. We're hoping to make a go of the night. This won't be like when we were in college and chaperoned for Kyle's student teaching school, when I got some $7 dress off of the clearance rack at Wet Seal (oh yes) and sat in the snack room all night because I was in a funk, no. We're getting fancy and hoping to go out for dinner and maybe even drinks after that won't have to be smuggled in Frappuchino and Coke bottles in the trunk of my car, drank in the rural driveway of a friend before heading to after prom, because we're so legal it's not funny.

Plus, I've always wanted to go out on the town in a sparkly dress, and since I've been chronically pregnant through every other opportunity presented to me to do so, we're going to rock this out.

Starting with this little gem:

Which, you may or may not guess, is borderline crotchtacular on me and you know what? I'm 28 and a mom of two and this body has seen so much insanity in the last few years and is in a place I'm damn near happy with so if I want to be like HEY, I HAVE LEGS AND THEY ARE LONG then I'm going to do it because I'm a grown up and I can and if administration doesn't like it then we can just leave and be the badasses that were kicked out of prom.

Win-win, people.

Of course, these shoes aren't going to help:

Of course, those are very basic black patent shoes because I don't want too much attention away from the dress, but they are still 5" concealed platforms. Mama will be six feet tall, kidlets.

What I'd really love, though, are these:

But I'm afraid that they'd be a bit of overkill. However, I think I need them in my closet.

Kyle has suggested that I wear tights to tone down the LEGGYLEG MCLEGS that happens when I wear that dress, and I think these here on the right would be killer:

But they come in one size -- suggested for ladies under 5'6" (I'm 5'8") and under a size 8 (currently, I'm a 10) so no dice. If I've learned anything over the years, it's that too-short or too-tight tights just make for a miserable experience.

I'm still trying to envision make-up, and I'm thinking something like this (if I could figure it out) could be awesome with a nude lip:

But something more along these lines could be really pretty too, since I still plan on having my purple hair:

Looking at it, though, it kind of reminds me of my wedding day make-up and while I liked that, I'm sort of not sure that's the look I'm going for. A wee more upscale vamp, a lot less blushing-because-I'm-five-months-pregnant-in-this-backup-wedding-dress bride.

And, you know, my hair is pretty much just short and pixie-like (actually, right now I'm in the middle of a much misguided attempt to grow it out and after the heat wave last week, I know I need to just chop it right back off because, ick) so there isn't much to be done in the hair department other than make sure my purple isn't faded and that it looks in place.

I was thinking just some dangly sparkly earrings with no necklace to be subtle but put together ... because despite my choice of attire I am still a grown up and am trying to pull this off with some class. The last thing I want to look like is someone desperately trying to act ten (or twenty, or thirty) years younger than they are.

I'm excited about this, because we don't get to go out and do things much anymore, and I miss feeling pretty. And I think it's kind of cool in a nerdy way that it's Kyle and I's tenth reunion year (albeit separate schools), so what better way to celebrate than to not go to our reunions and instead go to prom and remember all the reasons why we're glad high school is ten years behind us?


Any tips/tricks/ideas you may have, especially in the makeup/hair/jewelry department will be greatly appreciated. Because as much as I play a girl on the internet, truth be told I'm not that up on these things as I once was.

Let Prom Season 2012 begin!

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