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Monday, March 5, 2012

All On Her Own.

So this weekend was a busy one. Between celebrating Duder's birthday a little bit, doing some serious work on the house, and just the usual stuffs of having a family on a weekend, we had this:

What I wasn't able to get on video was her standing up on her own, from a squat position -- something Kiedis never did. 

In a way, this whole progression with her shows how naive we were with Kiedis, about his abilities and what was normal and what was not. Watching Tova learn to walk has been exciting and joyous and very new, because it was not this way before. Here, she shows us normalcy. She shows us development as it should be, albeit still "late" yet uncomplicated, just a late bloomer.

It's also a relief because she, too, has a sacral dimple like her brother -- less deep, less indicative of further potential issues, just a small mark on her little frame, nothing more. And for that, we couldn't be more grateful and appreciative of how lucky we really are, to have healthy children and the ability to care for them in whatever ways necessary, issues or no.

She's still not super sure of walking and defaults to crawling often, but she knows now she can do it, so I fully expect her to start running around this place like it's no big deal any day now.

Now, as for that battle cry of happiness at the end ... well, she's my daughter after all. :)