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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Different Kind Of TAT.

I'm going to let Totally Awkward Tuesday kind of chill for a while because I'm having a hard time remembering awkward stories I want to share. I'm sure I have them, but I'm getting to the point that I can't remember if I've written about them yet or not and I usually default to that I have, so I end up kind of creating my own writer's block and that, my friends, is the worst kind of writer's block I can conjure.

So. It's just going to be me and whatever I can come up with for a while.

Anyway, I mentioned yesterday getting a new tattoo for my birthday. But it wasn't just for my birthday, or really me at all.

It was for Rachel.
wrist tattoo
It's supposed to be her, sitting on top of the world -- the same thing she got on her wrist just a few months before we lost her. And now, now I will have her with me a little bit more, beyond photographs and memories and daffodils, bringing her with me beyond the years her physical presence was able to experience.

It's not big or flashy or anything like the other tattoos I have, but for me, for this moment and this purpose, it's just perfect. 

Thanks to Monkey Bones and Spyder for fitting me in last minute since it was my birthday and all. :)