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Monday, November 14, 2011


So obviously I didn't post anything this weekend, and am barely squeaking it in today. There goes NaBloPoMo, but I had good reason.

Kiedis has some sort of stomach flu and has been puking 95% of what we try to put in him since Saturday night. Tova's teething again so we're trying to keep 95% of the things she tries to put in her mouth out of it. Both have fevers.

Needless to say, I'm exhausted, cranky, and smell like kid vomit.

And in the wake of events suchly you gain some perspective about the importance of blogging to maybe win a prize or to be able to say you actually completed a challenge or whatever and you learn a bit how to be more there where you're needed when you're needed and not strapped to the laptop or smartphone.

I've spent most of my weekend cuddling one child or another, rubbing backs and wiping noses and having moments of stillness and quiet with these two little people who want nothing more than for me to make it better for them.

Because as I often sort of forget, I'm the Mama. Not the Auntie or the nanny (though you don't know how many times I find myself wondering when their parents are going to get home only to remember, whoops, that's me) but the one who's supposed to have the magic kisses and the special remedies and secret lullabies to make it feel better.

So things like NaBloPoMo can wait for next year, because these moments, as overwhelming and heartbreaking that they are, won't be here for long, and they won't always come to me to make it all better.

So yeah, one less stressor on an already to-the-max schedule.

I'll be around, and I hope you will be too.

(Also, send good vibes to this house because OMFG WHINY TODDLERS EVERYWHERE.)