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Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick Or Treat.

This was too important to not share right away.

From my sister via Facebook:

"A public service message for Beggar's Night: Tonight a lot of creatures will visit your door. Be open minded. The child who is grabbing more than one piece of candy might have poor fine motor skills. The child who takes forever to pick out one piece of candy might have motor planning issues. The child who does not say trick or treat or thank you might be shy or non-verbal. The child who looks disappointed when he sees your bowl might have an allergy. The child who isn't wearing a costume at all might have Sensory Processing Disorder or autism. Be nice. Be patient. Its everyone's Halloween. Make a mom feel good by making a big deal of her special child."

Oof ... my heart, my child, my endless advocacy for understanding.

Thanks, sis.

And for the rest of you -- Make a child's (and their parents') night tonight by being kind, gracious, and understanding. We could stand to practice that more a little everyday, regardless of the holiday, don't you think?