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Monday, October 10, 2011

Guest Post: Three Years in the Making.

Here it is guys, your super secret guest blogger ... Kyle. I know that might come as a bit of a shock (and is definitely a little risky for him, putting himself out there in front of all of you who know what we've been through these past years) but I asked and he obliged. So, in celebration of our third wedding anniversary today, a post from him.

Welcome to a week of guest blogging by me, Tabatha’s husband, Kyle. She is away for her big girl job for a couple of days and she asked me to fill in for the week to help her catch up on the fifty trillion things we have going around here at the Wharzinger household. So here goes post #1…

Three Years in the Making... a Letter to My Wife

Your dark brown eyes, bright purple hair … that smile you give me from across the room. It brightens my day to see that smirk from your beautiful, soft face. What I would give to see you in this moment to hold you tight, give you a kiss and tell you how much I love you. I understand how hard it has been for you today to be away on our third wedding anniversary. Please understand when I say it is difficult for me as well.

You always say to me remember that time or the time we did that thing … I am always amazed at your ability to remember so much about our relationship. Three years ago I found myself staring at those dark eyes as you were holding back tears, tiny little smiles in my direction. Every time I think of that moment it brings me such happiness and a multitude of guilt and shame. The flood of mixed emotions, the trials and tribulations I have put you through in our years as husband and wife.

We have taken many paths in these past years. New home, family drama, work problems, insurance battles, kid, nearly divorced, kids plural … the list goes on and on and on. Through all of what life has thrown at us, you have been here for me all this time. I am truly grateful for having you in my life. You are my family.

There are so many different paths I could have wound up on, but I stand here with you hand in hand trying to piece together the rubble we call life as we search for who or what we are to become. We are evolving every day. Things change, people change, but I know one thing is for certain. I love you with all my heart, forever and always.

When it comes to life never apologize for saying what you feel. That’s like saying, “sorry for being real.” Never lose your honesty, your passion for words and continue to do all things with love … that is who you are. Out of all things just “remember nothing is impossible … the word itself says, I’m possible.” – Audrey Hepburn

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Come back tomorrow to show him you don't hate him? I think he promised me a Totally Awkward Tuesday, so that should be amusing.