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Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday Tabulousity.

I think I decided that this might be a bi-weekly thing for the blogs ... so one week I'll have a round up here, the next week over at Turn Right, etc. I'm feeling a wee crunched for time to even get to my links never mind siphon out the ones I want to share with you for both ... so, with that said, here's what's caught my eye for probably the last month:

*In a way, I'm so lucky that my first cat died in my arms at home because taking her to the vet (one of several things she feared deeply, as she was a skittish cat) in order to have her put down would have been so traumatic for both she and I. That's why I'm glad more vets are taking this route.

*Nerds vs. Hipsters. I can honestly say I've been both, so crossover (at least from nerd to hipster) is possible. 

*This has been everywhere, but if you managed to not read it, take the time now.

*I've been here, except my child was taken away by police at six months old, and nothing can prepare you for it, nor will anything ever heal that fissure in your heart.

*This one has also been floating around, but is ever so worth the read. Grab tissues first.

*Again, in a way I've been in this place and it's also somewhere dark I never want to go again, and I kind of envy this woman's grace and restraint.

*I have Googled these things.

What's been piquing your interest around the interwebs these days? Do share.