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Friday, September 16, 2011

I Refuse To Get On This Ride Again.

So, no round up today because I have approximately 32948732972 things in my Reader to still get to and nary a spare second to get to it, but if you want I did manage one over at Turn Right today.

No, I'm about to pitch a fit so brace yourselves.

Kyle did a whole crapton of extra personal development over the summer because he has to for his licensure, but also because a great deal of them also pay a wee bit extra, so it was a way to help both his career and our family. It may have shortened our summer at both ends to make more two months long instead of three, but whatever, it was fine.

Except we're getting the run around from the district when it comes to actually getting paid for this stuff he did.

Particularly, one fairly involved thing that was spread out over the entire summer which, as I understand, is something that is actually pretty useless for the district to implement because of impending curriculum changes in the nest year or so. But he played nice and for his time he was to be paid $500 before the end of the summer.

We planned on using some of that for Tova's birthday and saving the rest for the holidays.

Except it never came.

We kept waiting after school started, trying to be flexible on when "summer's end" might be defined by the people down at the central office.

When it hadn't appeared by last paycheck, Kyle made some calls and was promised that it would be on this paycheck. It was even mentioned at a staff meeting where he was on the minutes for doing this thing and receiving credit for his time.

Except when he was paid at midnight last night, it was for his usual amount.

He's supposed to make some calls, but pretty much us being able to make our bills this month and get some much-needed late fall/winter clothes for the kids was riding on this extra money. And now we have no idea when or if it's coming and we're looking at a severely truncated grocery budget this next couple of weeks for it.

It all just smacks of the debacle that was the year working for the charter school and the bounced paychecks and I just don't want to deal with this again, I really don't. I have half a mind to go down to the central office myself, kids in tow, and be like, these children need to eat and have clothes to keep them warm and you dicking around with remunerating my husband, whose income is the sole one we have in our house, is literally taking two out of the three primary needs of survival from them, leaving shelter. Of course, I won't let my kids go hungry or unclothed, so it means scrounging and finagling money and quickly trying to sell things to cover our bases and now I have no idea how we're going to come up with money for the holidays, never mind repay my mom for the money we borrowed LAST paycheck to cover our bills and the credit card we borrowed to cover for Tova's party.

Well, that's not true. It will come from the little bit of paid blogging I do, but that means I won't be saving up to make it to BlogHer, so basically I'm sacrificing my ability to progress in this field and my writing so that my kids can eat because apparently my husband has to work for the most fiscally irresponsible people ever on the face of education.

It also doesn't help that I'm trying to get approved for economic hardship for my student loans because they want $300 a month for them and honestly, that's nearly what we pay for our mortgage, and if I don't get approved, they will be due in their entirety. We've been busting our asses this past year to get our finances under control and were just about to come out ahead for the first time EVER and then our gas bill doubled and our mortgage went up because we don't have enough in escrow and Kyle's mediocre step payment doesn't completely cover those two increases, leaving us actually a little worse off than we were before and I'm just OVER it all.

If people could just pay their employees when they say they will life would just be so much easier. But apparently that's just a completely foreign concept anymore and I should just get used to living in a constant state of financial crisis and learning how to scrape by month by month for the rest of all time.

So yeah. We had plans for a long-overdue date night tonight and to take the kids to COSI's free admission day in Columbus on Sunday but now we can't afford to do either and I'm just tired of feeling like a failure because of things that are out of my control.

Hopefully we'll have some answers later today, but I'm not counting on it. I hope you all have the opportunity to enjoy your weekends and I'll try to not be such a downer on Monday.