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Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday Tabulousity.

Is it just me, or did this week feel like it dragged on FOREVAH? Ugh, so glad to have that behind me.

Here's a bunch of stuff that made me smile through the drudgery:

*This will make you feel old even though you'll swear you were in college only like five seconds ago.
*CHEDDAR BUNNIES. (Also make sure you scroll through the comments to find the mom's version. SO. TRUE.)
*Ends up I've been self-medicating since fifth grade. WHO KNEW.
*I'm obviously not turning 42, but this still resonates with me so much. Yes, even with the purple hair.

From La Pinterest:
*I made these. You should too. (Add a pinch of nutmeg though. You'll thank me later.)
*We've also made these twice and they're decent. Takes some planning ahead, but are easy peasy at the end. You know, besides the eating part.
*This is one of my two life quotes. The other one (from The Road Less Traveled by Frost) is tattooed upon my body. I'm seriously trying to figure out how to make this look not like hell on my skin as well.

And you should pour yourself a latte and settle in for this last in the series of tropes from Feminist Frequency because it's brilliant. If you have more time to kill, watch the whole series and educate yourself.

That's about it for me today. I'm recovering just fine from my uterine issues but I feel like my house imploded in the meantime so you'll find me trying to unearth myself all weekend.

Have a good one and stay safe & sane out there!