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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Anti-Social Media.

{Note: I've been struggling to get this to work properly since I used my camera to record it instead of my laptop and between that and Vimeo it seems to be kind of working sometimes for some people. I'm working on finding a solution so if the video doesn't work for you just let me know and I'll hopefully have something worked out by the end of the day. Damn technology.}

So I recorded this before Facebook went and tweaked the site a little bit and people DONE GONE LOST THEIR MINDS over it like it's never happened before so I believe some other points about privacy online and what you share with whom by what platform and transparency and all that could be made, but we'll save that for another time.

Basically there are ways to make social media work in the classroom, there really are. Kyle wrote his thesis on such a topic (I know because I edited it, and by edit it I mean I had a heavy hand in him earning his Masters), so it's not about villianizing teachers or social media or anything. It's just about teaching (as this is education we're talking about people) today's youth about appropriate means of communication and behavior when engaging with your authority figures both in and out of the classroom.

And as for that photo at the end? WE. WERE. BABIES. Also, I think I miss long hair. But not that long hair. Damn humidity.